School of the Spirit


The School of the Spirit is a requirement for all who are attending the School of the Prophet, however attendance is open to all who wish to come. The School of the Spirit provides a time to praise and worship our God, demonstrate His glory through the ministering arts, spiritual teaching, activation, and prophecy to those who have desired it.

Guidelines for responding to personal prophecy:

  • Immediately write out your prophecy and meditate on it.
  • Review you prophecy with your spiritual covering (pastor/elder).
  • Don’t move based on the word without confirmation and counsel.
  • Prove every word with Biblical principles and a witness of the Spirit.
  • Remember, prophecies are always partial, conditional, and progressive.

We encourage everyone to come be a part of these meetings, regardless of your home church; the impartation will help you to grow spiritually. It’s possible that some may receive a personal prophetic word during these meetings, but we recommend that you not come just looking for prophetic words. These meetings are intended to be a time of impartation and growth but also a time in which we minister to our God.