School of the Prophet


The School of the Prophet (SOP) can be taken for academic training unit (TU’s) accreditation if you are enrolled in “Eagle Christian College Saginaw” (ECCS) of “The Eagle-Lion Institute”.

Those who are not enrolled will receive a certificate of completion with no TU credits. If you should decide to enroll in ECCS at a later date, your credits will be transferred for a small transfer fee.

In order to take the class you must first complete the “Ministering Spiritual Gifts” seminar. These seminars are held at various locations throughout the United States as well as here in Michigan. If you have not completed MSG, please check for seminar dates or contact us.

Classes are drawn from ECCS curriculum, which is closely linked to both Christian International under Dr. Bill Hamon, Santa Rosa , Florida and Eagle Christian College under Dr. John and Pat Watson in Marion, Ohio.