Eagle Christian College – Saginaw


God has called the saints (each believer in Jesus) to be a minister in His Body, the Church. This involves not just observing others doing the work of ministry, but rather full participation in establishing the Kingdom of God.

With that in mind, Eagle Christian College Saginaw (ECCS)is being established; to equip the Body and help each Believer become a mature and productive member of Christ’s Body.

ECCS is an equipping school where discipleship training is done through a Holy Spirit enriched enviornment, where God’s Spirit is given liberty to be manifested by flowing out of each saint’s heart and life.
The training at ECCS includes interaction, impartation, and mentoring. Our “Lamad” style of learning encourages personal interaction with the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

Our curriculum is ever changing/growing so we may also change and grow (from glory to glory) in the Holy Spirit (2 Corinthians 3:18). We offer four Core Areas that provide a foundation for living: Bible, Relationships, Character, and Holy Spirit Awareness. Our curriculum offers thirteen majors designed to bring fruitfulness, excellence, and reproduction into your life.

If you decide to move toward a diploma, it will provide you with the opportunity for accountability, recognition, achievement, and progression. Please allow yourself to stretch, grow and change.

Many classes can be taken by individually under a mentor while studying one on one locally or through correspondence study. Some of our classes must be taken in a group setting under a qualified instructor. We continue to acknowledge that there are a variety of ways to be equipped.

Study may be done one class at a time for general learning,or they may be taken to lead to a certificate or diploma.

For more information contact our Bread Of Life office.