Michigan Apostolic Alliance


The Michigan Apostolic Alliance operates under the direction of the United States Apostolic Alliance network led by Dutch Sheets, Chuck Pierce and Robert Henderson.


  1. Mobilize a statewide apostolic strategic prayer network that organizes prayer efforts across the state thereby releasing the harvest.
  2. Pray through specific issues that are holding back the harvest and causing the territory to go in a wrong direction. Examples include wrongful shedding of blood, idolatry, broken covenants and sexual strongholds.
  3. Set watchmen in place who are able to see afar off for the purpose of protection and/or receiving the blessing of the Lord. (Open or close gates.)
  4. Hold city-wide and/or regional sacred assemblies to repent of sins that are holding an area in captivity.
  5. Respond to national initiatives of the USSPN and mobilize city, regional and/or state-wide initiatives essential to breaking through and transforming the city, region and state.


  1. Raising up a statewide network of communication among all existing prayer networks that desire to participate.
  2. Mobilizing city-wide and regional prayer networks (SPN) where there are not already existing ones.
  3. Holding city, regional and state-wide intercessory and worship events for the purpose of turning the territory toward God and thereby releasing the harvest.
  4. Identifying apostolic and prophetic leaders, intercessors, spiritual mappers and watchmen who desire to participate in each city and/or county and region as well as provide leadership for the different territories.
  5. Holding an annual state-wide and regional meeting for the purpose of strategic training impartation and spiritual direction to move the state and region forward.

For more information contact:
Michigan Apostolic Alliance Administrative Office
Barbara J. Yoder, State Apostolic Coordinator
Cindy Williams, State Mobilizing Coordinator & Communications