Our Mission

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.”

(Matthew 28:19)

Our church has a disciple making-driven mission! Therefore the mission of this church is to turn “unchurched” people into fully functioning disciples of Christ. To achieve this strategic goal, we must do the following:

  • Lead people to Christ and active involvement in the church (to become committed to becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ.
  • Help people grow to spiritual maturity (to become a healthy growing disciple).
  • Equip and involve a person in ministry both inside and outside the the church walls (to become a serving disciple).
  • Enlist disciples for leadership locally and in the world (to become a disciple maker and/or reproducer).


  1. Has a basic, growing knowledge of the Bible applied to his or her life. (John 8:31-32)
    We will help you to understand how the bible is organized into Old and New Testaments and the general contents of each. You will know where to go to find wisdom (Proverbs, James), worship (Psalms), and so forth. You will also gain a knowledge of basic Bible study skills. We will coach you to regularly ask the question: What difference will this biblical truth make in my life, marriage, work, and so forth today, tomorrow, next year?
  2. Participates in regular devotional time (prayer, worship, and so forth) with God and the family. (John 15:7-8)
    We will coach and encourage you to spend regular devotional time individually and with your family. We will instruct in the various ways to accomplish this.
  3. Recommits daily his/or her life to Christ. (putting Jesus first) (Luke 9:23-25; 14:25-35)
    We will encourage you and exhort you to make a total commitment of your life to Christ as one of your most important life decisions. We will also supply encouragement and accountability so that you might follow this up with a weekly, or better, a daily recommitment of yourself and all that you own to Him. (Roman 6-8; 12:1-2).
  4. Attends church regularly and is a member of a small group (TLC) (Heb. 10:25; John 13:13-35; 15:7-17; Acts 2:46; 8:3; 20:20).
    We have designed our large-celebration meeting to address the relevant issues of our daily lives from the Scriptures as we worship God together. We are not a church with small groups but a church of small groups. Therefore, we also want you to become a vital part of one of our vibrant small groups where much of our discipleship takes place.
  5. Understands his or her divine design and is involved in a ministry (1 Tim. 4:14; 2 Tim. 1:6; Eph. 4: 11-13)
    God has masterfully designed all of us in a unique way to serve Him. He has called and gifted us to not only partner with Him through His Holy Spirit, but also to intimate fellowship (as His children) with Him whether inside or outside the four walls of the church building. It is our goal to help you discover who you are; to like who you are; and to be who you are as you serve the Lord.
  6. Builds relationships and shares his/or her faith (“a fisher of men”) with the lost people at home and abroad. (Matt. 9:36-38).
    Because lost people matter to God, they matter to us (Luke 15; 19:1-10). We desire to do whatever it takes to help you reach the toughest mission field of your life–your neighbors, family, and workmates.
  7. Gives generously, is a joyful giver (2 Corinthians 8).
    All that we possess is a gracious gift from God that ultimately belongs to Him. Therefore, we will provide you with instruction on biblical giving and encourage you to invest in God’s work through this ministry.